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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Welcome! We're so glad you're here. We're absolutely honored that you've chosen to SAIL with us.

Please know that our primary goal is for you to sell LOTS of stuff and have a great experience while doing it. (Haven't decided yet? Click on the blue Tell Me More button and you'll be consigning in no time! Seriously! It's easy and totally worth it!)

The CONSIGNOR LOGIN button at the top of every page of the website will take you to our My Consignment Manager registration page where you can register, schedule drop-off and let us know that  you want to join our crew as a paid helper (and we DO NEED YOU to join our crew!) There are HUGE changes afoot for our crew this season! Check out the RED Join Us  button for all the deets.  So many  great perks for working at the sail! You can find them listed on the Crew page.


​(if you don't read anything else, read this!)

* Our Consignor Agreement has been updated. Please make sure you READ it when you register!

*The regular consignor fee is still $15 in Mooresville and now $10 in Concord for online.  

*We pay via PayPal to the email address that you entered when you signed up for your account with  MyCM within 10 business days of the close of the Sail

*The things, limits, and minimum prices that we accept differ for Online and In-Person selling. Please pay attention to that!

*EVERYONE got a new seller number in 2019! Woo! Hoo! This is awesome!   These new numbers  have your sort code and row number built right in which will make pick up and sort a breeze!  Your seller "number" will actually begin with two letters and will look something like this: VL1215 Last initial, First initial and then 4 numbers of YOUR choice! We strongly suggest the last 4 digits of your phone number but you could pick any 4 digits that mean something to you, like the birthday of your favorite child or even the 4 digit seller number that you already have if you're really  fond of it! In our example above, seller Lisa Vaughn's phone number ends in 1215 --  so VL1215 is super easy for Lisa to remember and recognize!  (One more note: we WILL still happily work with you to help you with transferring and matching your MyCM numbers and tags from other sales. However, those who choose to use tags not in our format will pay a $20 fee per season for this privilege!)

*We're excited to have you sell with us! We hope you're excited to work with us! There aren't any  consignor interviews (though there is now an application to crew with us!)  so please poke around here on our website and check us out on Facebook and get to know us a bit before you consign here.  Because . . .our sail is not for everyone . . . seriously, we're sort of a crazy crew! We're a tribe of Mamas (and a few Papas) committed to helping each other out, putting up with each others flaws and generally supporting everyone.  We have fun. We want you to have fun. And, we want  you to help  the sail grow and be the best that it can be. We believe that people love what they help to create. We want you to love us! (so make sure you like us first - ok?) Our sail is for anyone who wants be a part of building something great and helping lots of people (like foster kids & families, kids with cancer, flood victims, and all the  local families who shop and sell here just to be able to clothe their kids!) Our entire business model is structured around rewarding people who do that!  We don't require anyone to help out but we do love those who do, -just a tiny bit more than those who don't. True talk there y'all!  Get to know us. Decide that you like us, and then sign on to come hang out with us for a few shifts or ten! We will pay you for that!! (and we'll like you a lot!)

*Seriously, we know that everyone can't join our crew,  but we do ask that EVERY consignor assist in getting their items sold by promoting the SAIL on social media! (there are often contests associated with this)  AND that they commit to not post things on social media that will deter shoppers or in any way prevent other consigning families from selling the most that they can! Please keep this in mind and plan to help!

*There now exists on Facebook a CLOSED, invitation only Consignor group named, Sail Again Consignor Group (catchy, right?) If you are a registered consignor, please request entry into this group. It is a place to ask questions and have them answered by seasoned consignors. It is also a great place for us to share important info & contests. (It is NOT a place to rant or complain- you don't have to keep it to yourself, we WANT to know ALL your comments and advice, just please email us with that stuff!) Tell us please how you want to receive info from us! We've got the FB group, email, the FB page, Instagram and  our new fave: texting!! We want you to have access to all the things that will help you be a successful seller with us! 

*There is a $2.50 tagging minimum for our in person events and a $4 minimum for online. The system will not allow you to price an item under these minimums. We strongly encourage you to bundle items together to meet this minimum! And, because you are limited to 200 hanging items in-person,  we strongly encourage bundling  and we  now require a minimum price of $4 for hanging clothing items. This is new. We will check this at inspection!! 

* Also new For both In-person and Online there is a 50 item hanging limit for sizes 0-18mths  within each gender. This is a  total across  those sizes  (ie 50 total  girls items and  50 boys items are allowed but NOT 50 9 month girls items and 50 18 month girls items) Just 50 total per gender between the sizes of 0 & 18 months. You may group like items/outfits on up to 3 hanger(s) with only one tag. This is an increase for the in-person event and new limit for online.

*We would love it if every consignor would choose to become a crew member and help us create the sail. (we mentioned that right?) There's something in it for you -you know?) Consignors who do not crew with us make 65% of their sales. Those who do, can make anywhere from 68% to 75% PLUS the early shopping AND employee discounts too! (you will have to fill out all the paperwork and be prepared to receive a W2 for your time --YEP . . .we will officially pay you to shop early here and get the best deals! Woop! Woop!)

* More new: We will no longer accept your maternity items in-person, but please list them online!! 

* Not new but still important: We no longer sort socks. You can still bring them of course but they must be marked to donate. (If you forget, we won't- even those not marked to donate will be donated.)

*We would also love it if you would mark your books to donate-- this helps with sort and REALLY HELPS our charity partners who put books in the hands of kids who really need them.

*We will  accept your potties and potty seats but save the  diaper genies & baby bath tubs for our  online events please-they take up tons of space and they just don't sell well!

*We DO accept car seats and travel systems but only if they were manufactured after August of 2017 (4 years old or less) and you must certify that they have never been in an accident. We will also accept your non-expired booster seats.

*We no longer accept breast pumps or ANY bedding sets in person (same as above, they DO NOT sell well!) After this season we will also likely limit baby blankets and bibs. NOTE: you can list it online as long as it is not a recalled item! 

*Drop-off is by appointment and you should expect it to take one hour  for the in-person event and 30-45 minutes for online. Plan to bring in your hanging items, check in at the desk, deliver your items to be inspected and then return to your car and retrieve the rest of your items (toys, equipment, shoes etc) and put them out while your clothing is being inspected, When you are done putting out your non-clothing items-- YOU ARE DONE! We will put your clothes out for you. Turn in your bin, take a picture of your shopping pass and you can be on your way. IF your clothing has been inspected and your 'No-Thank Yous" are READY then you may take them with you, otherwise they will be available to  you at pick up! 

Speaking of pick-up we no longer require a bin! We WILL pre-sort your clothing items for you but you will likely need to grab your own shoes, toys and large items from the floor.

*At our in-person events, pick-up of your unsold items  is also at an alphabetically  scheduled appointment time  PLEASE PAY CLOSE ATTENTION  TO THIS WEBSITE AND TO FACEBOOK FOR THE ANNOUNCEMENT OF THESE TIMES! (we will of course inform of your time at drop-off! 

PLEASE do not wait to register! Our spots are limited and we fill up fast! Registration opens in May  for our July Online Event in Concord and likely at the same time for September In-Person in Mooresville.

Sail Again is a 65/35 sale for consignors who don't choose to join our crew. (Space rental, insurance, racks, tables, software, credit card fees, advertising, promotion, etc. etc. all come out of our 35%.)   There is an opportunity to "buy up" your rate to 72% with a higher registration fee. And, if you are hired to crew with us and you can commit to helping for at least 9 hours then the perks are Ah-MAZE-ing! (Please note that crew spots are also limited and preference will be given to those who have helped before and those who can work 20 hours or more!) A brief application and some paperwork are required.

Yes, this is new! We'll pay you for your time (& send you a W2 at the end of the year), AND you might get some employee discounts AND you can shop early, early, early before nearly everyone. There are hundreds of crew slots available -- a few dozen of them can  even be done  from home outside of sail hours. In the past, like most sales, we've done this a little differently. But, the times they are a changin' and we are committed to being on the cutting edge of what is happening in the industry. We're also committed  to compensating all our crew members equally and fairly. Please ask any questions you like about this new structure and also know this: 95% of you will make more in this new structure than you did in the past! Woo! Hoo! (Sure hope you spend that $$ shopping with us!)  

We count on our consignors to join our crew and assist in any way possible to promote the sail. This is how we get your stuff sold!! When you assist in this way, you earn a paycheck,  the chance to shop early and a small employee discount on your fees!   Even if you can't find a crew shift that works for you, it is imperative that you promote the sail via word-of-mouth, social media, and email forwarding and sharing.  TELL some people about us!

Want to consign but no time to tag? We can help. We have several awesome  team members who are willing to hep you get your stuff ready to sell--for a fee of course!  Drop off your items to them and let them do all the work for you-- and you can still shop early! Email us and we will happily share their contact info with you.

Want to sell LOTS of stuff? Make sure you mark it to discount. On the last day, most of our consignors mark their items to go 50% off--sell it and get it out of there we say! You can also really help us, help others by marking your items to donate at the end of the sail. We help so many families this way! (Find out where your donations go on the Giving Back tab) 

Please refer to the  RED tabs on this page before you get started and most of your questions will be answered.  But if you're stuck, don't hesitate to email us with questions at .  We will do our best to respond to you within 24 hours. Again, welcome and thanks for trusting us with your stuff!

Happy, Happy Sailing!

Tammy & The Sail Again Team  



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