​Online shopping (and selling!)  

for  SPRING 2024  is .  . .ON!!! 

What Will You Find Online?

All things kids! 30,000+ items from more than 200 families!

PLUS lots of  Family extras too!

Toys, books, bikes, strollers, ride-ons, boots, puzzles, high chairs,  furniture, cribs, car seats, DVDs, wagons, boutique brands, kids shoes, kids clothing, room decor. 

PLUS  Decor, Furniture, Men's Clothing, Teens clothing for boys and girls, Women's Athe-leisure wear & Maternity Women's shoes and purses, Home Goods, Pet supplies, Kitchen items and MUCH MORE!!


April 2024!

But not  in the way it's been in the past . .  .

We are working with our newest "sister sale"

The Kids Kloset


To bring you a fantastic ONLINE shopping experience

(from anywhere you have internet access!)

with pick up in Huntersville, NC! 

Purchased items MUST be picked up
- there is NO shipping - on Thursday, April 18th at  the Huntersville American Legion

​Get Your Online Shop On!​​

Want to SELL online with us as part of this awesome collaboration? It's easy! We will show you how. 

Just CLICK HERE to register!

​​​​​​​​​​​​​Things to Know:

​WHAT FOLLOWS ARE THE SAIL AGAIN INSTRUCTIONS AND TIPS FOR ONLINE SELLING! You should DEFINITELY read them. You should also note that the instructions for selling in our collaborative event with THE KIDS KLOSET will be slightly different. Please READ THOSE GUIDELINES!

Selling ONLINE is SO MUCH SIMPLER (in terms of supplies and instructions) than participating in our in-person events, but it's still consignment selling and that means there are some rules to follow!  

The BIGGEST and MOST IMPORTANT thing to remember about ONLINE selling is this:

When you drop it off to us, IT IS ALREADY BOUGHT AND PAID FOR. The shopper has already purchased it and is expecting it to be fabulous!

This means that when you list it in our  system  you must be committed to these 6 things:

1)  Inspecting the item  for quality BEFORE you take the picture and list it online. If you wait to inspect until you get it ready to drop off or until it gets to our venue, it is TOO LATE. It's already sold by then!! And the shopper will want a refund.

2) Writing an accurate description so that the  online shopper is sure they are getting what they expect (this description will also be the title of your online listing, so it's super important) 

3) Listing the item in the correct category and size. This isn't a big deal in person but it is HUGE for online-this is how we put it in the right place on the website so that shoppers can search for it!

4) Taking and uploading a GREAT picture (but also one that doesn't "overstate" the product) 

5) Keeping track of the items you listed so that when they sell online, you can FIND them in your house (make certain that you haven't gifted or sold them to someone else, and also that your kids or spouse or pet haven't  broken or otherwise destroyed them!)

6) Remember, per the online contract, Sail Again & Shopify and also
The Kids Kloset  reserve the right to add a small listing fee to each item we list for sale in our online store.(i.e. an item you priced at $12 might show up on the site at $12.50) This fee is 100% paid by the shopper and is used to cover the cost of the Shopify site and increased merchant fees. We have chosen to add it this way--invisible to the shopper but paid by them so that we can keep your registration fees lower! This fee in no way affects your payout. If you price an item at $12 and it sells you will still receive 65% of the price you selected and entered into the system. 

7) BRINGING YOUR SOLD ITEMS, appropriately tagged &packaged  and in excellent condition to your scheduled drop off appointment. You must, must, must commit to doing this!! The shoppers have  bought these things already!  If we have to refund an item because of quality, you WILL be penalized!  

 Local pick-up
for your online purchases is by appointment-
we don't ship! You MUST schedule a time to pick up your purchases! in Huntersville, NC at 107 Main St, Huntersville, NC 28078, the Huntersville America Legion. There is only ONE pick up day: Thursday April 18th from 10am-7:30pm.

Items not picked will be held for 7 days and then considered "orphan". Orphan items become the property of Sail Again/The Kids Kloset and will  either be donated to a worthy organization or sold with the profits going to charity. No refunds will be offered for items not picked-up by the purchaser. You MUST pick-up your items!!  

Parking  is free and plentiful. Please park and come in. You will then have the opportunity to check through your online purchases and we will happily refund anything that does not meet our quality standards. However, once you leave the premises, all sales are final and non-refundable.

You'll save 60-90% off retail on awesome brand name things for kids when you shop at Sail Again Children's Consignment. or at  The Kids Closet  Online Collab

Shop more than 200 families worth of items all at the same time, all in one place! 

Pay for online purchases with your favorite debit card, credit card  or PayPal.

Shop our popular 1/2 off sales and our amazing FLASH SALES to save even more!  

For online shopping,  you can wear whatever you want -it's your sofa after all! but when you shop with us  in-person, you're going to at least wantsome comfortable shoes!!

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