Items Not Accepted 

Fall/Winter2022 In-Person

Clothing items we DO NOT accept:
No worn clothing. Nothing obviously old and out of date.
No vacation or destination T-shirts.
No 3 letter monograms
(too specific, sorry!)
No Spring/Summer clothing items or accessories. Please save those for our Spring 2023 Sail.
(We will accept jeans, khakis and khaki shorts and hoodies in every season.)
No underwear of any kind, unless new in the package.
No maternity clothing in person unless approved in advance. OK online.

Toys we DO NOT accept: 

No stuffed animals, unless battery-operated (like Tickle-Me Elmo).
No recalled toys. Please visit to see a list of recalled toys.

Books & Videos we DO NOT accept:
No coloring books unless new.
No adult literature unless about pregnancy/babies/children.


Room Decor we DO NOT accept:
Bedding Sets in ANY size (ok online)
General "non-kid" room decor (ok in the new Mommy's Mart)
Plain table top picture frames (never!!)
Hanging wall art in "non-kid" themes (ok in the new Mommy's Mart)

Baby Equipment we DO NOT accept:

Recalled equipment.
Car Seats manufactured before September 2018
Rock & Plays (they've been recalled!)
​Drop-side cribs
Crib Mattresses
(without a crib)

​Bumbos without the straps

Breast Pumps

​Bedding Sets in ANY size!!! (Sorry, it takes up lots of space and almost never sells!)

We DO NOT accept Jewelry (even online it's a NO)