Categories for ONLINE

Note: things like bedding &  diaper genies that we don't usually take at the in-person event are fine  to list online.

-Home decor including furniture, wall art, rugs, bedding, and kitchen gadgets

-Pet supplies

-Women's shoes purses outerwear, and athe-leisure wear 

​-Men's clothing

-If you want to sell it, ask us . . we might build a category for that!! 


Guidelines for

what we will and won't accept:

Accepting everything you need for kids! (Toys, shoes, books, clothing, equipment, furniture, DVD's & more!) Please limit your clothing & shoes to Spring/Summer seasonal items only for the Spring 2021 SAIL. Please save your Fall/Winter items for the next Sail!

QUALITY IS OUR PRIORITY!  All items will be inspected at check in for quality.  Items not meeting quality standards will be returned to you. You can always call or send an email if you are unsure!

No stains, holes or rips.  Zippers must be working.  All items must be freshly laundered and wrinkle-free. Please do not bundle items of different sizes.

    Clothing Items

    Mooresville: 350 TOTAL ITEMS and 200 TOTAL tags for hanging clothing items across all sizes and including maternity. Up to three (3) hangers may be bundled under one tag.

    50 TOTAL hanging items only in sizes 0-18 months.

    8 items in maternity. (some leeway on season)

    Teen girls/Juniors sizes 00 & up. Boys sizes to 18 Due to limited space for teen clothing we are particular on what we will accept.  Brands that sell best are:  Abercrombie & Fitch, Aeropostale, American Eagle, Hollister, Delia’s, PINK by VS clothing, Gap & Old Navy. Please, no “Mom clothes”.  Teens are very style conscious!​​

    We accept jeans, khakis and khaki shorts (think uniforms!) in any season.

    WE DO NOT ACCEPT: underwear of any kind, unless new in the package.

     Shoes, Socks, Tights & Slippers
    All shoes, boots and slippers must be in good, clean condition.  No missing laces, broken zippers, shoes with mud on the bottom, worn-out or “unfresh” athletic shoes will be accepted. 

    Socks and tights also must be in good, clean condition, matching and packaged by size.  No holes, stains or runs. Special note: WE DO NOT SORT SOCKS. ALL SOCKS MUST BE MARKED FOR DONATION AT THE END OF THE SAIL.

     Toys, Puzzles & Games
    Again, quality is our priority!  If you would not buy it, please do not bring it to sell.  Clean toys sell best, so break out the Magic Eraser and make it shine!

     All toys, games and puzzles must be in good condition with working batteries.  If a shopper cannot test it out, they will not buy it.  This includes Power Wheels-type ride-on toys.  All parts/pieces must be included.  

    Toys with small parts should be packaged well so that little shoppers’ hands cannot break into them.  Use clear packing tape, zip ties and Ziploc bags.

    Outdoor toys must be cleaned of mud, mulch and debris.  Hose it off first.

    Stuffed animals, unless battery-operated (like Tickle-Me Elmo).
    Puzzles with missing pieces.
    Recalled toys.  Please visit to see a list of recalled toys.

    All books must have a cover and have no missing, torn or colored-on pages. 
    All books with sound must be working. Please strongly consider marking your books to donate after the sail--we work with several charities who distribute children's books to kids who really need them.

    Coloring books unless new. (ie no colored on pages!)
    Adult literature unless about pregnancy/babies/children.

    DVDs,  Music CDs and Video Games
    All movies & music must be in playing condition.  No skips.
    All movies & music must be in the original case.


    Please be sure to check the case before you price it to be sure that the disc is inside!  Then secure the case shut with packing tape.

    All video games & game systems must be in working order.  If a game system requires batteries please be sure it has working batteries installed. 

    Baby Equipment & Furniture
    There are so many wonderful products on the market for babies & toddlers!  Some, unfortunately, have been recalled.  Please check to be sure your equipment is safe to sell.  It is illegal to sell recalled equipment. 

    ​We will accept your meticulously cleaned potty items on a case by case basis.

    ​We will accept car seats, bases and travel systems manufactured after FEBRUARY of 2017 ONLY. Booster seats must be in date,

    We accept baby equipment that is in great, clean, working condition.  No missing parts/pieces, working batteries included. 

    Pack & plays and other equipment needing assembly will need to be assembled by the consignor at drop off.


    ​Recalled items of any kind. Please check for more info.

    Rock & Plays

    Drop-Side Cribs 

    Bumbos without straps

    Crib Mattresses without a crib

    Breast Pumps

    Car Seats manufactured before March of 2017

    Crib Bedding Sets/Bumpers,

    Diaper Genies 

    Bathtubs   (Sorry, these last three items in particular  take up lots of space and almost NEVER sell!) 

    What Should You Consign?