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​​​​​​​Wait! What will I actually be doing?

Our crew members do a little bit of everything! There are shifts for truck unloading, cashier, floor set-up, order fulfillment, food delivery, putting out signs, handing out flyers, sort, check-in, drop-off, sales  floor merchandising and more.  

Play to your own strengths! Sign up for something you like, then just grab an apron and a name tag  when you arrive for your shift (and make sure to sign in so we know you were there)  

Sail Again LOVES our CREW!  Without you, our sail would not be possible. We know that people love what they help to create, and we want you to love us. So please, plan to help! Help us create YOUR sail.  

Just do it. ​It's fun! Hang out with other moms. Get your girlfriends together and help out as a group. And get this -- beginning this season, we will pay you to shop first. Yep, some serious shopping cash, a chance to help us evaluate our new systems. . .and TONS of  other crew perks too! 

This may seem like a big change but really it's not. You're used to receiving an added % for helping, and shopping early, and grabbing a  t-shirt or a  bag and lunch & snacks and  all sorts of things -- most of  that is still on the table--but now, we want to even the playing field and make sure that our consignors who sell $300 worth of stuff can make the same amount of $ for their time as those who sell $1500 worth of stuff.   Seems more fair right? So we're tweaking the system a bit and focusing on  compensating you for your time instead of for how much you sell.  It's the new industry standard and we are excited about the change!

You'll need to use  the Consignor Login or Register Here links to login to your account and sign up as a potential crew member. Once you tell us you want to help in this way, we'll send you a little form that asks about your availability and later there'll be some paperwork  to fill out for payment.   Super cool, right?  You'll get tons of  cool things - like a  name tag,  some $$$, a t-shirt, crew discounts and an invite to the 6:30 pm Tuesday night crew party that includes . . .shopping!  Please note: we will NOT have room for everyone. Crew will be limited to about 40 sailors with preference given to those who have worked with us before and to those who can commit to 30+ hours. (a 15 hour minimum is required!) 

Special Note: The Sail has always been a "3-legged stool" consisting of sellers, shoppers and creators. Now we are just more formally separating those functions. Sellers keep their sales proceeds. Shoppers buy a ticket if they want to shop early, and creators are compensated for their time instead of as a % of what they sell. It is so much more fair and straight forward this way!    

AND there are HUGE benefits for sailors who have never been able to  crew. Sail Again is a 65/35 sale. At our in-person events, you pay us a $15 registration fee.   And, you pay a 35% commission for us to get your stuff sold. (or, said another way, you keep 65% of your sales.) In the past, if you wanted  to keep more of your sales (i.e. pay us less)  the only way for you to buy up that rate was with your time, and if you wanted to  bring extra items, you had to buy a second spot. Now, those two things run together and you don't have to work any hours to get them!  We are going to reserve a few spots for "premiere consignors" who always have great sell through to buy up their rate! These SuperSailors can pay an extra $35 registration fee ($50 total for in-person) and keep 72% of their sales and can bring up to 500 items (300 of them clothing). Lots of you told us that you'd love to help to keep a higher % but you just couldn't fit it in to your schedule. Now you can just purchase that privilege! It's an a-la-carte way to buy up your rate if you don't care about the early shopping. If you routinely sell 80% of your items, always ask to bring more stuff,  and have a squeaky clean inspection record then do the math and see if it makes sense for you. And see below because if you do care about the early shopping, you can buy that too . . . it's called a ticket! 


--​ Want THE EARLIEST shopping time and ALL.THE.THINGS?  

Well, we sure hope so!  We want you to want that. We need you to want that. We are even going to pay you to have that!  What you want is to become a SailMaker! Say what?

Yep. You can have everything you've always had by crewing with us plus get paid for your time too! You'll just need to fill out paperwork and  come on board as a temporary seasonal employee.  Across the country more and more sales are moving to this model in an effort to pay their crew more fairly.  We've been watching this evolve for  more than two years now and we're confident that this is the way to go and that most of you will actually make more and shop at a more convenient time too!

The only catch is that the spots are limited -- we'll have to decide who to hire. This likely means giving preference to sellers who have worked with us before and to those who can commit to working 30+ hours (there is a 15 hr minimum).

As a SailMaker,  (paid crew member) you can decide to register either at $15 (with plans to  keep the standard 65% of your sales) or register with plans to buy up your rate and earn 72% less that extra $35 taken out of your proceeds. You can shop super early on Tuesday evening at the crew party, get a small  crew  discount on your fees and either 3% crew perk on your sales or a 5% discount on your shopping!  You'll also probably get a t-shirt,  a name tag,  at least one slice of free pizza, the eternal gratitude of all the people we help and the amount of shopping cash you earn ($75 for every 10 hours!!) will be based on the amount of hours you work not on how much you sell!   The time of the sailor who sells $300 worth is valued the same as the time of the sailor who sells $3000 worth! Woop! Woop! Fairness, and honestly, likely a ton more money and earlier shopping for you.  In this post-pandemic world when it's super hard to find good help, this is a win, win, win for everyone! 

****If you've got questions about the WHY of moving to this model (especially when it's likely going to cost us more), please reach out. Soooo very  happy to answer them!

And don't forget: when you register, please sign up on the crew schedule right away and let us know that you want to be a SailMaker. We'll send you all the details and  the paperwork! Spots are limited, so don't delay.​​

​​Join the Crew

Who? Me!?! YES, you! 

 Why? Because you love helping, and creating things, and you're good at it, and because . . . girl . ..we are going to pay you to

Have Fun. Shop Early. Make More.