-Same seller number

-Enter items and print tags only once. (they are actually different tags but it still works!)

-Drop-off online sold items in Concord

-Drop off the kids things that didn't sell and all the new stuff you added  in Mooresville 6 weeks later! 

-TEN days of selling!

-Sell ONLINE for free (get your $5 online registration fee refunded)

-You can shop early at BOTH events!

Like we said . . . pretty cool right?

Register for both sales and drop off twice!  

You'll tag & drop online SOLD items in Concord in July but you'll only have to ENTER items ONCE! You can still get two sales for the price (and work) of only ONE!!!  You can shop early as a consignor/crew member at both sales as well! 

You get more selling days and we get more consignors' stuff in the Concord based online event. And, if you sell at both you'll get one of our cool bags for  FREE. Our shoppers get TWO great locations (Mooresville and the Internet!) and twice the opportunity to shop and save. 

Win-Win-Win-Win-Win! WooHoo!

Get two events for the price (and effort!) of  only one! 

1)Register for both events. We will refund your online fee  in your in-person proceeds IF you drop off at both and have not issues, problems, or returns!

2) Enter all your items for 3 seasons and the whole family into the ONLINE EVENT:   Enter as usual, being careful to select the correct category & size and with a good description. Add your pictures! Keep your stuff organized at home so that you can find it when it sells. Mark your items to discount and donate (we WON"T donate them at the online event of course,  but  that's work you've already done for September in Mooresville!)   The last day to enter for online is Sunday, July 18. If it sells, you'll get a list on Sunday July 25th!Then print and attach your buyer tags and bring those SOLD  items to you drop-off appointment on Tuesday July 27th. If it did not sell online and it is a kid's item that we accept in-person, then wait one week until we open the event for transfer and then . . .

4) Transfer all you unsold  kids' items in the system from July Online  to Fall/Winter in Mooresville.  And go ahead and print and attach those tags while the items are out and organized!  Keep adding more  (and printing and attaching) right up until your Mooresville drop off date on Monday Sept 13th. There are transfer instructions on the FB Consignor page. And, we'll send you a reminder! 


Sell and Shop at Both Sails!

(Online and In-Person! Pretty cool  . . . right?)