We'll sell your stuff to THOUSANDS of shoppers (most of them, Moms like you!) at one (or both) of 

Sail Again's Upcoming Sails

Sail Again's Spring/Summer Sail

500 S. Main St. Mooresville, NC 
(next to Alinos Pizzeria and Main St. Antiques)
March 24-28  2021
​(as a Consignor and Crew Member, you get to shop FIRST before the public, usually on a Wednesday)

So You're Thinking About Consigning . . .

 Still want to know if it's worth it? Wondering why Sail Again and not somewhere else? 

Well, Of Course You Are!

Goodness Mama, yes!! Let's do something fun to put some joy in 2021.  It's super easy! A super simple way to turn your kids' clutter into cash! You'll make a few hundred buck$,  sell it ALL in just one week or maybe faster if you do online!  And, you'll  help save the planet by passing along all that stuff to others who will use it and not toss it! Yay you! Clear some clutter. Spread some joy! You're in the right place! Grab some friends and Join us!

- Last year our sell-through rate was more than 75%! That's way higher than at a typical consignment store and you're keeping a lot more of your $$!

- We're absolutely committed to finding ways to help you sell your stuff and save the planet! We jumped into online selling in these crazy times and sold more than $100,000 worth your friend's  stuff in just 9 days!!! 

- You can give up the yard sale haggling (and the yard sale hosting! --no more strangers in your yard at 6:30 am!)

- Think of all the gas and time you'll save (and how much safer you'll feel) when you give up driving around to meet-ups for that Buy-Sell-Trade group on Facebook Marketplace-- Goodness Mama how many messages did you have to answer before you sold that ONE item? What about the people who still didn't show up?!

-You owe it to yourself to give it a try. You said you would clean out that closet/playroom/garage! Here's your chance!

-You can also help a lot of people by donating your items that don't sell! We work with great charities that distribute our donations to folks who can really use them.

-And then there's the CA$H! Our average consignor sells more than $300+ EVERY season! Our largest check last season was for over $4500!

-And also, it has to be said . . .Girl . . .It's so much fun! 

​So, you're thinking about consigning . . .

Ok, first, how DOES it work . . . seriously?!?! First,  you decide that you want our help selling your kids stuff! Then you register. Then tag your items in our Online Tagging System. Next, drop your stuff off at one of our sale locations. And finally,  wait by you email for the notification that your $$ has been deposited! Yep! It's that easy!

What is the consignor split?  Our base split is 65/35. You'll keep 65% of your sales as a consignor, and pay us a 35% commission. You're pricing and dropping off the stuff and keeping 65% of your sales.  All the expenses of running the event come from the other 35%!  We take care of  renting  the space, bringing in the shoppers, processing the payments, accepting the credit cards, transporting the racks & tables, all the marketing, and generally setting the whole thing up. If you'd like to help with some of that (and we hope you will!) then we will work for less and you can keep more!  Assist as a crew member for the equivalent of  3 shifts and you'll  keep 70% of your sales. You'll pay less because you're doing more. Consignors who crew for 4 or more shifts  can keep 75% of their sales. And there are amazing perks (like shopping credit!) if you crew 5 shifts and one of them is a designated "sort or special" shift!  All or our crew members shop EARLY before consignors and WAY BEFORE the non-consigning public.

Wait, do I have to crew?  Of course not!   It's completely up to you. You  decide what  % of your sales you want to keep, how much time you have to contribute,  and when you want to shop.   Then just sign up for whatever works for you!  Most of our consignors want to pitch in for at least one 3-hour shift to help get their stuff sold and to be a part of creating the sail,  but it's definitely not a requirement. The moms (and dads) who do it keep a higher percentage of their sales and get to shop early. You can even send someone else to crew for you.  You might help with set up, put out signs, hand out flyers, provide a meal for other crew members, assist shoppers, tidy the sales floor or even work as a cashier. There are hundreds of shifts available -- including a few dozen that you can do from home outside of sail hours. Even those who can't commit to a shift can help in other ways like sharing on social media and telling everyone they know about the sail!

What kinds of items can I consign?  In person, it's all things kids! Clothes, shoes, toys, books, equipment . . .  Online it's nearly everything needed for the whole family for that particular season! Check out the consignor resources page for more info.

How long do I have to get this done?   Registration is open, full, and on waitlist for  the Spring/Summer In-Person Sail in Mooresville, drop-off appointments are scheduled for  Saturday-Tuesday March 20-23. Pick up of unsold items is scheduled for Sunday March 28th. We will open a few waitlist spots on March 15th.  Get on the list now!   

How & when will I receive my payout? We will pay you via PayPal direct deposit and you will have your $ within 10 business days of the sail close OR  if you absolutely, positively can not make PayPal work for you, you can request a check, and your payment will be processed by Bank of America's bill pay system. Checks take longer as they are not written until at least 30 days after the PayPal payments  but you should still have your $ within 6 weeks of sail close. (Either way is fine with us but  Pay Pal is more secure and much easier and faster for us (and for you!) so we strongly encourage you to go that route!)

How do I get started?   Register! (the system is OPEN) Then read the info on the Consignor Resources  page, gather your supplies and start tagging!

Maybe, you've already tried other ways to clear out all the kids clothing, toys, and gear in your house --  Fess up! YOU have, haven't  you?!?! You want to share that stuff with people who will really use it . . right?  But how? Consignment stores, FACEBOOK meet up groups and other buy-sell-trade groups have the potential to be crazy time consuming, a bit frustrating, (maybe not even open?),  and definitely not nearly as much fun as joining forces with a bunch of other like-minded Mamas and helping people at the same time! What are you waiting for? Because you know what?  . . . ​​

. . .we can help you clear that clutter with a lot less frustration and make you some serious  $$$ besides! Come on, join us! 

You don't have to take

our word for it!

You can  head over to FACEBOOK  and read a bunch of our awesome reviews!

Here's a little sample:

Katie M. says, "This was my first time at this sale and I loved it! I got $270 worth of stuff for $50 during the presale! Awesome quality, great prices and so much to choose from! Thanks Sail Again I will be back in the future." 

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​(shop from home and pick up in person)
Coming back in July of 2021
​(as a Consignor and Crew Member, you get to shop

FIRST before the public)

Got some Questions about how it all works?

Here is a list of our most frequently asked ones and a link to our Consignor Resources page where you can find longer, "meatier" answers and more details about "HOW" it all works. Happy Sailing!