Selling (and shopping!) ONLINE is SO MUCH SIMPLER (in terms of supplies and instructions) than participating in our in-person events, but it's still consignment selling and that means there are some rules to follow!  The pink "short-cut" buttons on this page apply mostly to our online "on-the-spot" pop-ups, red buttons on other pages generally refer to our large in-person events.


The BIGGEST and MOST IMPORTANT thing to remember about on-the-spot ONLINE selling is this:

When you drop it off to us, IT IS ALREADY BOUGHT AND PAID FOR. The shopper has already purchased it and is expecting it to be fabulous! Sellers and shoppers are local families, not big companies who process returns or offers refunds for wrong sizes or colors. The honor system is important. Please don't attempt to sell it,  if you wouldn't buy it based on the description and photo. 

This means that when you list it in our  system  you must be committed to these 7 things:

1)  Inspecting the item  for quality BEFORE you take the picture and upload it. If you wait to inspect until you get it ready to drop off or until it gets to our venue, it is TOO LATE. It's already sold by then!! And the shopper will want a refund.

2) Writing an accurate description so that the  online shopper is sure they are getting what they expect (this description will also be the title of your online listing, so it's super important) 

3) Listing the item in the correct category and size. This isn't a big deal in person but it is HUGE for online-this is how we put it in the right place on the website so that shoppers can search for it!

4) Taking and uploading a GREAT picture (but also one that doesn't "overstate" the product) 

5) Keeping track of the items you listed so that when they sell online, you can FIND them in your house (make certain that you haven't gifted or sold them to someone else, and also that your kids or spouse or pet haven't  broken or otherwise destroyed them!)

6) BRINGING YOUR SOLD ITEMS, appropriately tagged & packaged  and in excellent condition to your scheduled drop off appointment. You must, must, must commit to doing this!! The shoppers have  bought these things already!  If we have to refund an item because of quality, you WILL be penalized! (if you are an "on-the-spot" seller, they don't have to be tagged!)

7) Remember, per the online contract,  Sail Again, The Posh Sailor, Posh-on-the-Spot & Shopify  reserve the right to add a small listing fee to each item we list for sale in our online store.(i.e. an item you priced at $12 might show up on the site at $12.50) This fee is 100% paid by the shopper and is used to cover the cost of the Shopify site and increased merchant fees. We have chosen to add it this way--invisible to the shopper but paid by them so that we can keep your registration fees lower! This fee in no way affects your payout. If you price an item at $12 and it sells at one of our online "on-the -spot" events you will still receive 70% of the price you selected and entered into the system. ​​

How  To Begin

Register. Gather up the items you want to sell and snap a picture of each one with your phone! NOTE: We accept only the boutique brands listed and New-With-Tags Gymboree and Gap items at Posh-on-the-Spot. NIB toys from  brands like Melissa & Doug and Steif as well as EUC toys and room decor from Pottery Barn quality and higher. BAby equipment strollers and outdoor ride on toys in EUC are welcome.  We accept select women's boutique items as well: Brands like Lilly Pulitzer, Coach, Tori Burch, Ugg, Kate Spade & Louis Vitton sell well! Check out the "Can I Sell it Here?" page for a good list!)  

Login to your MyCM account via this website.

--If you login from your phone then you can easily grab those pics you took. Otherwise, upload the pics to your laptop, IPad, Google Drive . . or wherever you can easily  find  them to attach to your listing.

--Now, in My Consignment Manager (our online tagging system) enter all  the information, including size, price and a good description. (remember this description will be the TITLE of your online listing!)

--Attach the matching photograph.  Check to make sure the photo looks correct. Put the items in a place and an order where you can find them when they sell! You are done for now! (seriously, you are! You don't HAVE to do anything else until after the selling days are over!) ​​

--If you are registered and your pictures and descriptions are in the system, then consider your items OFFICALLY LISTED in the ONLINE EVENT.  This means that for about a week, your items can't be listed or sold on other sites. Your inventory will be locked and your  items will be uploaded to our online portal. The time to check for duplicate items, less-than-awesome pictures and wrong sizes is NOW before  we upload to the Shopify site.   You can sit tight now until the shopping starts!!!  Log on during the selling days. Buy some stuff . . .but don't spend a bunch of time searching for the things you're selling. We hide things, release things,  sometimes re-price things and move things around on the site all the time  to make sure  everyone is selling more. TRUST us to do this.

--On the DAY AFTER selling is complete (Sunday 8/29) we will update your MYCM seller account with all the things that have sold.   You will find this info in the SETTLEMENT REPORT. Each item that you have sold will show a BUYER/SHOPPER code next it. This is the list of items you will need to bring with you to your drop off appointment.  If you are dropping off at a satellite location (Lake Norman area) and not at The South Charlotte Banquet Center on Tuesday morning the 31st,  you will need to PRINT these codes (tags)   FROM THE SETTLEMENT REPORT PAGE and attach them  to each of your sold items before you bring them to drop-off. 

-- These BUYER code tags print 10 to a page. You can print them (on any paper you like) cut them out and attach them in any way that means they are available  for YOU to easily scan when you arrive,  and in a way that does not damage the product: staple or tape them to the other tags (if you went the "tag everything first" route in blue above) or use painters tape to attach them to books & plastic.  Some people use  10 to a sheet Avery labels/nametags  and just stick them on the clothes or their other tags (DON"T stick the labels on books or plastic toys though--it's hard to remove-SERIOUSLY. DON'T DO THIS!!)

-- If you are dropping off at your appointed time on Tuesday August 31 at 9009 Bryant Farms Road, then just show up with items (from the list) on hangers and that is it! 

A Few Notes About Packaging and Attaching the Buyer Tags:

 YES!!!!! Your clothing needs to be on hangers!!!! Tags may be attached as a sticker or with a safety pin or tagging gun in a seam where it will not damage the item!!  

For shoes, attach the pair together somehow,  punch a hole in the tag and tie it on, or use a safety pin to pin the tag on.  Do not use packing tape on shoes, it comes off.

For toys and equipment, attach tags with packing tape, safety pins or ribbon.   If your toy comes with small pieces, you must secure them together! Likewise, consider transport. Don't bring the racetrack all put together . . .we can't bag that for the buyer!  

For books & DVDs use painter's tape (masking tape!) to attach the tag to the back cover. Do NOT use stickers. They damage the item (especially books) 

In Summary

Register. Login and enter a photo & description for each product. Shop! Attach your buyer coded tags & bring your items to drop-off at your appointment time. Scan them in. Drop them into the buyer bags. Collect your $ from your PayPal account a few days later! (and don't forget to schedule a pick-up appointment for the things you bought!!)

​Online  Boutique Consignment

Ready to SHOP it?

Go here: SailAgainToGo.myshopify.com 

Site opens for shopping: 

August 25-28​​​​


This couldn't be easier. Log on to our shopping site: www.SailAgainToGo.myshopify.com  at your reserved shopping time. Start clicking and purchasing all the things. Shop from your phone, your tablet, your desktop or your laptop. Shop from your sofa, your sailboat or from the carpool line. IT. IS. SO. EASY. Pick up your purchases between 2 and 5 pm on Tuesday August 31 at The South Charlotte Banquet Center at 9009 Bryant Farms Rd (Charlotte/Ballantyne)

LKN shoppers, we will bring your purchases to Mooresville and you can pick up 2 weeks later at Sail Again!!!

​​Sail Again+The Posh Closet Sale= The Posh Sailor

​​Pick up your purchases

on Tuesday August 31 at

The South Charlotte Banquet Center

9009 Bryant Farms Road


Wait!! What's going here? They're merging and going online? Yes! As a result of Covid 19 and the crazy year that was 2020, we decided to disband The Posh Closet Sale as an in-person event and instead run an amazing online event where you can shop from your phone at home and pick up locally.  This is like selling on marketplace with "porch pick-up" but we provide the porch for everyone! You can drop off once to all the buyers on our "porch" and they can pick-up everything they bought (from hundreds of local sellers) in one bag, in one place, without  worrying about shipping! It's on-the-spot shopping & selling! The other really cool thing about selling at one of our  "on-the-spot" events is that  you don't have to tag anything! Commit to bringing your sold items to our venue at your drop off time and we will print and place the tags for you! (and scan them in and drop them into the buyer bags too!)

The other thing to note is that when we disbanded the sale, we disbanded the website (and that is why you found yourself here) We've named the boutique area of Sail AgainThe Posh Sailor and we're calling our online pop up events Posh-On-The-Spot.  For now, continue to look for  us on Facebook and Instagram as the Posh Closet Sale but that might change.  Whatever we call it, it's still Charlotte's longest running and most favorite boutique shopping experience for kids!

​How does it work? Are there easy steps? Yes! It couldn't be easier . . .

Register. Login and enter a photo & description for each product. Shop! Drop-off the sold items at your appointed time. Watch us tag and scan them in. Drop them into the buyer bags. Collect your $ from your PayPal account a few days later!  (and don't forget to schedule a pick-up appointment for the things you bought!!)

Important Dates:

Sunday August 22: Register and enter all your items into the system by 3 pm

Wednesday-Saturday August 24-28: Shop!! (at home, from your phone, so easy!) 

Sunday August 29: View your list of sold items and gather them for drop-off

Monday August 30: Select Sellers drop off tagged items in Lake Norman

Tuesday morning  August 31: Charlotte & Ballantyne area sellers  drop-off in Ballantyne at the Posh-on-the-Spot venue, The South Charlotte Banquet Center 9009 Bryant Farms Rd. (we will tag, scan and place your items for you)

Tuesday afternoon August 31: Pick up purchases from 2pm-5pm.