When would You like to Shop?

Shop Like a Sailor PreSail

Wed. September 15th 6:30pm-9pm 

($12 ticketed entry, $15 with shopping bag!)

Tickets available in August (Fewer than 100 available!)

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Charity PreSail 

Thurs. September 16th 

($7 entry benefits Cookies for Kids' Cancer)

This is an all-day Charity PreSail ticket. 

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New Parents & Grandparents PreSail 

Thurs. September 16th  

(Free ticket required)

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Heroes PreSail

(teachers, police, fire, rescue  first responders, doctors, nurses & military) 

Thurs Septemeber 16th 

(Free ticket required )

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Friends of Consignors PreSail
Thurs September 16th 

(Invitation Only)
Contact any consignor to claim an invite! 

Opening Day

Friday September 17th 10am - 7pm 

(Free book Friday!)

Free Entry

Mom's Group Meet-Up
Friday Sept 17th 9am - 11am 
(Coffee & Doughnuts too!)
Register for your FREE ticket soon. (stay for Free Book Friday!) 

Half-Off Day 

Saturday Sept 18th  9am - 7pm

(Most items 50% off listed price)

Grab the half off deals early! Pay $3 at the door between 9 & 11am

Free Entry from 11am-7pm

Last Chance!

Sunday September 19th 9am-12pm

(Most items 50% off, many items 75% off!)

Free Entry

 Mooresville/LKN Shopping Calendar

Fall/Winter 2021

September 15-19, 2021

Just the times:


Shopping for Sailors

Wednesday March 24th

Sail Again Crew and Consignors (2:00pm-9pm) 

Golden Ticket Holders 3:00pm-9pm

Shop Like a Sailor PreSail 6:30pm-9pm ($12 entry/$15 w/shopping bag)

PreSail Registered Shopping

Thursday March 25th

Charity PreSail: 2pm-7pm ($7 entry benefits Cookies for Kids' Cancer) 

Registered New Parents & Grandparents PreSail: 3pm-9pm
Heroes PreSail (teachers,first responders & military
): 4:30pm-9pm
FOC PreSail: 6:30pm-9pm 
(Invitation ONLY- contact a consignor for info!)

Friday, March 26th

Mom's Group Meet Up (register) 9am-11am (Coffee & doughnuts too!)


Community  Shopping

Friday March 26th - Sunday March 28th 

Friday March  26th 10am - 9pm (Free book Friday)

Saturday March 27th 9am - 7pm (1/2 off sale)

​Sunday March 28th 9am - 12pm (75% off sale)

Half Off Sales

Friday Saturday & Sunday March 26th 27th & 28th
Crew & Golden Ticket Holders: Friday March 26th 5pm-9pm

Consignors: Friday March 26th 6pm-9pm​
Public: Saturday March 27th 9am-7pm & Sun March 28th 9-noon 

75% Off  Flash Sale

​Sunday March 28th 

Sunday March 28th  9am-12pm (last chance! Many items 75% off)