Shelving! We've got . . . ummm . . . a lot! Different shapes and sizes - most like this. $9 each

Tables! 6 ft. Center-folding with handles. We have 40+. Easily carried by one person. $8 each

Z-racks! We've got 100+ and add-on bars to make them double hanging. They come apart for easy transport. (You still need a truck though!) $10 each

We've got a lot of H-frames too, just give us a call if that's what you need. 

We would love to help you out! When we're not using them, we rent out our racks, tables and sometimes even our plastic shelving to other sales and organizations.  

We might even be able to bring it to you if you're close by (for a small delivery fee).  Pick up is generally in either Mooresville or Stanley. YOU will need to provide the loading and unloading muscle.

Rates are "per event" up to 10 days.  Slightly higher rate for longer rentals. ​And we  do prefer that you rent at least 20 items at a time to make it worth the trip!

Email us at or

call 704-905-0189 to check availability. 

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