You really need to read this!

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​SUPER IMPORTANT THINGS TO NOTE:

​(if you don't read anything else, read this!--Yeah, it's long, but it's IMPORTANT!)

*The regular consignor fee is $12 in Mooresville and $10 in Landis.  This fee is non-refundable because it reserves your spot. (We would love for you to consign (and shop) at both sails! We will refund you $10 in the form of a Sail gift card if you do!)

*We pay via PayPal to the email address that you registered with in MyCM within 10 business days of the close of the sail. 

*EVERYONE got a new seller number in 2019 and it was amazeballs!! Woo! Hoo!  Our new numbers have the sort code and row number built right in which made sort & pick up a breeze!  Your seller "number" actually begins with two letters and will look something like this: VL1215 Last initial, First initial and then 4 numbers of YOUR choice! We suggest the last 4 digits of your phone number or the birthday of your favorite child,  but you could pick any 4 digits that mean something to you--even the 4 digit seller number that you already have if you are fond of it! In our example above, seller Lisa Vaugh's phone number ends in 1215 -- super easy for Lisa to remember!  (One more note: we WILL still happily work with you to help you with transferring and matching your MyCM numbers and tags from other sales. However, those who choose to use tags not in our format will pay a $20 fee per season for this privilege!)

*We would love for you to sell with us, but please poke around here on our website and get to know us a bit first! Because . . .our sail is not for everyone . . . seriously, we're sort of a crazy crew, and you should know what to expect from us--after all, we are going to have some expectations of you! We're a tribe of Mamas (and a few Dads) committed to helping each other out, putting up with each others flaws and generally supporting each other. We want you to have fun. And, we want YOU to help the sail grow and be the best that it can be. There are a few  rules, and we do expect you to read and follow them. We also hope you will reach out if you don't understand them (or if you have ideas for a  better way!)  Our sail is ABSOLUTELY  for anyone who wants be a part of building something great and helping lots of people (like foster kids & families, kids with cancer, flood victims, and local families who shop and sell here in order to clothe their kids on a budget). Our entire business model is structured around rewarding people who do that. 

*In view of that, while we know that everyone can't join our crew, we do ask that EVERY consignor assist in getting their items sold by promoting the SAIL on social media! (there are often contests associated with this)  AND that they commit to not post things on social media that will deter shoppers, or in any way prevent other consigning families from selling the most that they can! Please keep this in mind and plan to help.

*There now exists on Facebook a CLOSED, invitation only Consignor group named, Sail Again Consignor Group (catchy, right?) If you are a registered consignor, please request entry into this group. It is a place to ask questions and have them answered by seasoned consignors. It is also a great place for us to share important info & contests.  stuff!) 

*There is a $2 tagging minimum. The system will not allow you to price an item under $2.


*Every consignor who intends to pick up even ONE item, needs to leave a plastic/rubber bin (without the lid) for sort. This is both convenient for you to take your things home in, and a necessity for our sort process. Neither boxes nor bags work well for this process. Those who do not bring a bin will be charged $5.

*There is a 50 item hanging limit for sizes 0-18mths. This is a combined total for both genders and across all sizes.  (ie 49 girls items and 1 boys item, NOT 50 boys and 50 girls and NOT 50 9mth items and 50 18mth items) Just 50 total. You may group like items/outfits on up to 3 hanger(s) with only one tag.

*We would love it if every consignor would choose to become a crew member and help us create the sail. Consignors who do not crew with us make 65% of their sales. Those who do, can make 70%, 75%, or even 80%. (plus a cool bag or T-shirt!)

*We will once again accept your maternity items, but you are limited to your best 12 pieces.

*As of the Spring 2018 Sail, we will no longer sort socks. You can still bring them of course but they must be marked to donate. (If you forget, we won't- even those not marked to donate will be donated.)

*We would also love it if you would mark your books to donate-- this helps with sort and REALLY HELPS our charity partners who put books in the hands of kids who really need them.

*We will  accept your potties and potty seats but no more diaper genies or baby bath tubs please-they take up tons of space and they just don't sell well!

*We DO accept car seats and travel systems but only if they were manufactured after August of 2015 (4 years old or less) and you must certify that you are the original owner and that they have never been in an accident. We will also accept your non-expired booster seats.

*We no longer accept breast pumps or crib bedding sets. (sorry, they DO NOT sell well!) 

*Drop-off is by appointment and you should expect it to take one hour. Plan to bring in your hanging items, check in at the desk, deliver your items to be inspected and then return to your car and retrieve the rest of your items (toys, equipment, shoes etc) and put them out while your clothing is being inspected, When you are done putting out your non-clothing items -- YOU ARE DONE! We will put out your hanging items for you. Turn in your bin, take a picture of your shopping pass and you can be on your way. IF your clothing has been inspected and your 'No-Thank Yous" are READY then you may take them with you, otherwise they will be in your bin for pick up! If you mark all your items to DONATE and you are not coming back to pick-up then we will reward you for that with Drop & Go Drop-Off (you put out nothing and you can be in and out in 20ish minutes!) 

*Pick-up of your unsold items (and your bin) is also at a scheduled appointment time! Currently this is Sunday Aug 25th sometime after 4 pm in Landis and Monday evening Sept 16th in Mooresville. PLEASE PAY CLOSE ATTENTION  TO OUR WEBSITE AND TO FACEBOOK FOR THE ANNOUNCEMENT OF THESE TIMES!