​​​​​​Tagging Deadline: 

Wednesday December 16th 

at 10pm

Online Store Open to Public:

Wed - Mon

Nov 23-28

Drop-Off (by appointment

SOLD items only)

Friday, Dec 2nd in Mooresville




Dec 3rd


Crew Shopping:


November 21st

Consignor Shopping


November 22nd

***possible RESTOCK on Black Friday!!

Half-off Shopping

for Sellers &Crew 

Sunday night

November 27th

Pick up Purchased Items:


December 3rd


(park & come in! to the TIME to SHINE Holiday Market)



Online  Calendar

& Things to Know for Sellers at the Santa Sail 2022

Welcome to consigning with Sail Again ToGo in Mooresville! for our ONLINE Winter 2022 Santa Sail.  We are thrilled that you have chosen to SAIL with us!  Questions not answered here are likely answered on the "Sell Online" page!   Just use the big red button.

We send emails and update this website regularly but we do MOST of our communicating via text (which you have agreed to receive) and via our Facebook Consignor Group. PLEASE have your seller number ready and request entry ASAP.  CAREFULLY read instructions this season--here, on the website, in our emails & texts, and in that FB Consignor Group, particularly in light of  our online format. Also, if you have not, please follow us on Instagram . . .your likes, comments, tags and shares help us reach shoppers who buy your stuff! 

1. Your Sail Again seller #, formatted as last initial, first initial, last 4 of phone,  has the sort code built right in. Easy for you to recognize!  

2.The last day to enter items with PICTURES  is Wedneday November 16th. Online selling days are over Thanksgiving Week and include Black Friday and Cyber Monday!  Tuesday Nov 22nd (for sellers) through  Monday Nov 28th Drop-off appointments for sold items are AFTER the online selling days.
Drop-off of sold items will be several days later, on Friday December 2nd  in Mooresville  at our usual in-person location, AT THE BACK of 500 S. Main St at Merino Mill.

Pick-up of purchased items will be Saturday December 3rd  in the space!!    We are fortunate to be sharing the venue with the Time to Shine Pop-Up Market! You can pick up your purchased items at our booth and shop from dozens (likely 60+!) other vendors on Saturday between 11 and 4. Items not picked up  on Saturday  will be held for no more than one week and then donated. All sales are final. No refunds will be offered even if you forget to pick up.  You will tag and  drop off ONLY the items that have sold!  

3. Consignors will receive their proceeds via PayPal direct deposit within ten (10) business days of the close of the Sail, to the email address they signed up with at My Consignment Manager. You are responsible for updating this address. 

4. Because only sold items need be dropped off, our limits have been relaxed! All sellers may list up to 500
 items in our online store. There are many new categories with a HUGE focus on NWT and excellent used condition items for the entire family,  clothing, holiday decor, TOYS and kitchen items that are GIFTABLE! Shoppers are begging for large outdoor toys and ride-ons. PLEASE NOTE: this is SO important-- Clothing will need to be on hangers and priced at $4 or more. It is assumed that all items will be in "excellent used condition" or better. 

5.  There is  a $4.00 tagging minimum for this event across the board! Please bundle your less expensive items, to accommodate these minimums.  Increased limits are not a license to tag/photograph junk to sell!  (leave the McDonald's toys and Dollar Store junk at home. always but ESPECIALLY for this sale- we are focusing on giftables!!!) YOU MUST inspect your items at home and bring us your BEST! 

6. HUGE CHANGE!!! We can ACCEPT nearly everything at this event. It's ONLINE!! We've got room. You will want to familiarize yourself with all the NEW family, pet, and houseware categories. Labeling things correctly helps them to sell well! ON THE SITE , broad categories will likely be: Boys, Girls, Toys, Baby, Books, Home Goods, and "More".

7. We are prohibited by law from selling anything on the recall list!  

8. At drop off we will assist you in SCANNING IN your items. You must have your sold items organized and available for inspection!  Every sold item that you are bringing to drop off,
should have a BUYER/SHOPPER code TAG attached. You will receive these codes and instructions for attaching them within 24 hours of selling close, well before your drop-off appointment. At drop-off, you will scan in your own items and place them in the correct area for our "order fillers" to sort.   You will PARK and come inside. Grouping your items AT HOME in a way that is logical to you (maybe by your item number) will make it easier for you to "pick" your sold items and get them in the car for drop off. Having them in BUYER CODE order at drop-off is KEY & super helpful for you to be able to drop them in the correct place! MOST IMPORTANT:ONCE YOU HAVE TAKEN THE PICTURE AND ENTERED THE ITEM into the system, you  have effectively placed it on the sales floor (the internet!) and you have contractually agreed to bring it to drop off IN EXCELLENT CONDITION at your drop off appointment! Please note: there are STIFF PENALTIES for failing to produce the items in excellent condition when buyers have already paid for them! STIFF=  at least 1.5 times the price of the item 

9) Do not be alarmed if an item you listed shows up at a marginally higher price online. We reserve the right to add a small listing fee to each online item to help defray the merchant fees and Shopify design costs.  We are excited that we have a found a way to do this and pass those costs along to the shoppers instead of raising registration fees for you, our sellers!

10) Happy happy online sailing! Be sure to join that FB group & text club and follow us on Instagram!