Kat & Travis, from Kat's Kid Sale.

They're Sailing now!

Tammy's family- Jason, Charlie, & Lily . . . the first SAIL season.

Tracey, Tiffany, Wendy & Stacy

Founding Sailors

So, Who Are These Crazy People and

Why Should I Trust Them With My Stuff?!?!

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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Sail Again Children's Consignment began in 2011 as a partnership between four friends and Lake Norman-area moms who shared a passion for quality, name-brand and boutique-style children's clothing.  The founders also shared a passion for saving money and wanted to share that passion with other moms and their families.

The sail grew quickly to include not just the four founders, but an incredibly loyal "family" that included dozens of vendors, hundreds of consignors, and thousands of shoppers.  Then,
after more than 4 years and 7 amazing sails . . . and with 12 children and at least as many other interests and business opportunities between them . . . the girls decided it was time to search for someone who would continue the vision that was and is Sail Again.

Their search turned up Tammy Todd, another Lake Norman mom and long time consignment fan, who decided that she would like to pick up where the foursome left off. (AS IF, one person could possibly replicate their work and commitment . . .HA! . . .more on that in a minute . . .) Still, with the help of  some truly amazing friends & family members, an unbelievable cadre of remarkable volunteers, and A LOT of hand holding from the four original owners,  her first attempt, (now known as  "The Great Snow Sail" of 2015)  was a great success! And now that she's got her sea legs -- she is committed to captaining this ship  for many years to come.

But, a captain is only as good as her crew and it didn't take long (just 2 sails) for Tammy to realize that she was going to need some help.  And . . . because she's not a dumb girl, she recognized the cavalry when they came riding by!  (That should really be a boat analogy shouldn't it? What is the floating version of the cavalry?!?! Navy Seals, maybe? Hmmm.) 

Anyway, in early 2016 Tammy joined forces with Katrina Kerr, founder and owner of Kat's Kid Sale--a fabulous LKN area sale known for great stuff, great people and great fun! They already shared a location (and some awesome consignors). Tammy wanted to grow her sale. Kat wanted to enjoy sale week but have more time for her kids during the "off season". So, the two decided to merge consignor lists and form the BIGGEST & BEST consignment sale in the Lake Norman area -- a one-stop mega kids' shopping experience for LKN!  Katrina's commitment to her consignors and her family so perfectly dovetailed with Tammy's vision for the Sail that they felt connected from the very start! And . . . .since Kat agreed to stick around for a (long) while as First Mate to continue making the Sail Lake Norman's favorite, most amazing, best, funnest (not a word-I know), did I say best?, most awesome,  kids' consignment sale ever, well then, it was a no-brainer!

Fresh Breezes. Running Tides. Happy Sailing!  

We could not do this without our MOST IMPORTANT PARTNERS--YOU!

OUR SAIL ROCKS BECAUSE OF OUR fantastic consignors and the