Key Dates for

Mooresville/LKN Consignors 

Fall/ Winter 2022

 Key Dates

-- There is a NEW one page Consignor Cheat Sheet with all the info you need. Find it here!

--Consignors may bring ONE guest with them to Consignor Shopping on Wednesday September 14th at 5:30pm

 --Consignors who mark everything to donate  may bring ONE guest with them to Consignor Shopping on Wednesday Sept 14th at 4:30pm. (and may use Drop & Go drop off on Sunday)

--Crew Members MAY NOT bring a guest to their Crew Shopping time but may invite one to 4:30 Consignor Shopping. Please refer to the crew page for shopping times.

--All Consignors and Crew Members may (and should!) invite up to 20 guests to shop at the Friends of Consignors PreSail on Thursday Sept 15th at 5:30pm

​​​​​Tagging Deadline: 

Monday Sept 12th @ 11:59pm. 

Drop-Off (by appointment)

Sunday Sept 11th 

2pm-7pm (drop & go donate all only)
Monday Sept  12th 

Tuesday Sept 13th  

10am-1pm (emergency and Drop & Swap Only)

Consignor Shopping:

Wednesday Sept 14th

4:30pm-9pm (donate all sellers)

5:30pm-9pm (all sellers)

6:30pm-9pm Shop like a Sailor tickets and sellers who did not bring items)

Friday Sept 16th 

6:30pm-9pm  Early 1/2 off shopping for sellers

Sunday Sept 18th

8:30am  Early 75% off shopping for sellers.

Tuesday 9/13 at 8pm or
Wednesday 9/14 at 2pm

** Ticket Link for early Consignor Shopping! (Crew with us to shop early or buy a ticket HERE!)

Friends of Consignors Presale

Thursday Sept 15th 

5:00pm-9pm (invite your friends!)

Pick up Unsold Items:

Sunday Sept 18th 


 Key Info