About Printing the Buyer Tags:

--On the DAY AFTER selling is complete we will update your MYCM seller account with all the things that have sold.   You will find this info in the SETTLEMENT REPORT. Each item that you have sold will show a BUYER/SHOPPER code next it and you will need to PRINT these codes (tags)   FROM THE SETTLEMENT REPORT PAGE and attach them  to each of your sold items before you bring them to drop-off. You may also want to print the list itself but you do not have to.Note: for ONLINE events, you do not print a normal tag from the normal print screen! You print from the Settlement Report!

-- These BUYER code tags print 10 to a page. They are different than the tags you print for in-person selling! You can print them (on any paper you like) cut them out and attach them in any way that means they are available  for YOU to easily scan when you arrive,  and in a way that does not damage the product: staple or tape them to the other tags (if you went the "tag everything first" route in blue above) or use painters tape to attach them to books & plastic.  Some people use  10 to a sheet Avery labels/nametags  and just stick them on the clothes or their other tags (DON"T stick the labels on books or plastic toys though--it's hard to remove-SERIOUSLY. DON'T DO THIS!!)

-- Then  show up with your tagged items in alphabetical order by BUYER CODE at your drop-off time. We will assist you in scanning them in and then YOU  will drop them off at the bag of each purchaser . . .(putting them in alpha order makes it easier FOR YOU  not for us) 

About Packaging and Attaching the Buyer Tags:

 YES!!!!! Your clothing needs to be on hangers!!!! Tags may be attached as a sticker or with a safety pin or tagging gun in a seam where it will not damage the item!!  

Resist the urge to group several items for the same buyer together in a way that means our scanners and order fillers can not see/count/scan each individual tag.

For shoes, attach the pair together somehow,  punch a hole in the tag and tie it on, or use a safety pin to pin the tag on.  Do not use packing tape on shoes, it comes off. (Rubber bands work well to keep shoes together for online!)

For toys and equipment, attach tags with packing tape, safety pins or ribbon.   If your toy comes with small pieces, you must secure them together! Likewise, please consider transport for you, for us and especially for the buyer. Bringing  the racetrack all put together shows that all the pieces are there but . . .we can't bag that for the buyer!  

For books & DVDs use painter's tape (masking tape!) to attach the tag to the back cover. Do NOT use stickers or other kinds of tape on books! They damage the covers. 

About Dropping off your Sold Items:

Please come within the 15 minute window that you selected for your drop off appointment so that we can accommodate everyone in a timely manner. 

Have every tag available to scan! This is our check that you have brought every item you sold and that our buyers will receive their purchases.

You will  1) scan in your items 2) hang any clothing that you sold on a rack in BUYER NUMBER order. 3) Place every other item (that is not hanging clothing, in a bag  in buyer # order.

After scanning, the process takes less than 20 minutes.  Both the racks and the bags "snake" alphabetically from A-Z 


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You SOLD it!Yay!

Notes on Attaching your BUYER TAGS and Dropping off your SOLD ITEMS!