Sail Makers 

create the Sail for everyone else! 

get 1 ticket for 

Tuesday @6:30

 WOO! HOO! You can decide now how to make more $,  help more people, and shop first!

1) Decide what kind of Sailor you are.

2) Decide how you want to help.

3) Decide when you want to shop!

For 85% of our sellers, absolutely nothing has changed! Sellers pay a $15 registration fee and keep 65% of their sales-just like always.

What we have changed is our reward system.  1) We are rewarding people who decide to mark their items with the big "D" for donate by letting them shop a whole hour earlier! 2) We are rewarding our Select Sailors-the ones who shop a lot- with the chance to bank their earnings towards next season's shopping. 3) We've added some Tuesday night paid ticketed pre-sails for crew & consignors only so that even sellers who can't help can get in to shop early. 4) We've modified our crew rewards to be more fair across the board & compensate people more fairly for their time worked instead of for the amount they sell. 

What really hasn't changed? We will always  need YOU to help us make the sail great!

We need you to share our posts, and join our lists, and hand out our postcards and signs.

We still need you to bring us snacks and lunch and Starbucks from time to time!

And we definitely still need you to help us create the Sail in the usual way . . .Our crew members, our Sail Makers do a little bit of everything! There are shifts for truck unloading, cashier, floor set-up, inspection, sort, check-in, drop-off, sales  floor merchandising, signage and more!  

Play to your own strengths! Sign up and tell us you'd like to help!

Really Happy Sailors

(our sellers who mark everything with the "D" for donation)​

(200 spots available).

  • This helps our charities and so many families in the community 
  • It helps the Sail because sort & pick up is easier for everyone 
  •  It helps you because you get priority drop off, increased item limits and you don't have to come back for pick up!
  • Get  TWO tickets to shop Wednesday at 4:30pm

Super Happy Sailors

upgraded to Tuesday shopping

pay $40 and get 1 ticket for 

Tuesday @8:00

Really Happy Sailor

(Mark everything with the "D" for donation)​


(Feed us a meal or two)

  • Pay a $15 registration fee and only a 28% commission
  • Keep 72% of your sales.
  • TWO tickets to shop Wednesday at 5:30 pm
  • Bring up to 350 items/200 may be hanging clothing
  • Roll-over your proceeds  for future shopping credit! Earn 7% more and have next season's shopping already paid for! 

All our Sailors

 (Relaxed, Happy, & Select)

get 2  tickets for

Wednesday @5:30

Golden Ticket Holders

get 1 ticket for

Wednesday @3:00

**can upgrade to Tues@ 8pm for $25

(400 spots available).


(Tell some people about us!)

  • Pay a $15 registration fee, a $10 supply fee and a 55% commission (35%  to the sail, 20% to your tagger) 
  • Keep 45% of your sales.
  • TWO tickets to shop Wednesday at 5:30 pm
  • Bring up to 350 items/200 may be hanging clothing 
  • Receive your proceeds within 10 business days of sale close via PayPal  direct deposit

Select Sailors  

(NEW! our sellers who always shop and want to get paid for it!)

(200 spots available).

Happy Sailors

(our usual, fabulous consignors-

nothing has changed here!)

​​​​Selling, Shopping, Sharing and  Making More $$   

Choose the Sail Experience that works for you and makes you feel great!! 

Shop Like a Sailor PreSail 

Public PreSail

pay $20 and get

2 tickets for

Wednesday @6:30

  • Pay a $15 registration fee and a 35% commission
  • Keep 65% of your sales.
  • TWO tickets to shop Wednesday at 5:30 pm
  • Bring up to 350 items/200 may be hanging clothing
  • ​Receive your proceeds within 10 business days of sale close via PayPal direct deposit
  • Free upgrade! Just mark it w/a  D!
  • Priority weekend drop-off appointments
  • 350 items/300 may be clothing
  • Avoid coming back for pick-up
  • TWO tickets to shop Wednesday at 4:30pm

Really Happy Sailors

who mark all items with a " D"

get 2 tickets for

Wednesday @4:30

(40 spots available).

  • Join our private FB group and share specific posts to  Insta, FB and Buy/Sell/Trade and Mom's groups. You'll get a schedule!   
  • Or . . .share our postcards and signs-  a manger will give you a route!     
  • Keep an extra 3% of your sales
  • Get TWO tickets to shop Wednesday at 3:30pm


(Work with us to create the Sail!)

(25 spots available).

  • Help out by bringing a meal for eight (8) or snacks & drinks  for 20 
  • It helps the Sail because we don't have to stop to get food and also eat it!
  • Our food manager will coordinate with you   
  • Keep an extra 3% of your sales
  • Get TWO tickets to shop Wednesday at 4:00pm

Sailors who Share

our social posts, print & signs

get 2 tickets for

Wednesday @3:30

Now, ​decide how you want to help!​​

Do what makes you feel great! Mark everything to donate to help our charities. Become a SailSharer and tell everyone about us. Or,  SailSupplier may be the job for you . .  . if you like showering people with food and snacks. Been helping out here for years? Unloading trucks, running a register, making the floor look gorgeous?  Love those early shopping benefits and making some extra cash? Girl! You're a SailMaker! Commit to helping for at least 16 hours and  create the Sail for everyone else! We'll pay you! 

First, what kind of Sailor are you?

There's no wrong answer here! Choose what works best for you and your family this season. Become a valet client and we'll do all the hard work for you; keep a higher % of your sales if you roll-over your proceeds for next season's shopping; choose to donate & feel great about your experience!

Whichever you choose, we can't wait to SAIL with you!!

Finally,decide WHEN  you want to shop!​​

All our Sailors have a chance to shop FIRST before the public. The first public shopping time is Wednesday night at 6:30 at our Shop Like a Sailor PreSail. Anyone shopping before that is by definition,  one of our sellers or part of our crew. Nearly all of the Wednesday shopping times admit 2 people, while Tuesday shopping tickets typically admit only one.

(40 spots available).

Relaxed Sailors

(our valet tagging clients)



who bring the food & drinks

get 2 tickets for

Wednesday @4:00

  • Sign up via the crew schedule and tell us that you want to be a Sailmaker! 
  • Commit to at least 16 hours and up to 70 (over 2 weeks) We'll pay you $30 for every 4 hour shift!   
  • Plus, keep an extra 3% of your sales OR get 5% off your shopping tab! 
  • Shop  at our staff party Tuesday night  at 6:30!  
  • Other cool stuff: Get 2 additional tickets to shop Wednesday at 3:00 with our Golden Ticket Holders. Higher limits, special name tags, t-shirts, bags etc. will be available just for you. And, you can STACK all those things on top of each other if you choose to donate everything, help as a SailSharer and take your proceeds as a Sail credit! 

(12 spots available).

(400 spots available).