Wait, What Will I Actually Be Doing!?

Our volunteers do a little bit of everything! There are shifts for truck unloading, cashier, floor set-up, food delivery, putting out signs, handing out flyers, sort, check-in, drop-off, sales  floor merchandising and more.  

You should get a name tag, an apron and a job assignment when you arrive for your shift! Be sure to sign in!

About those off-site shifts: (you're only allowed one!)

Meal Delivery:

Sign up to deliver lunch or dinner for 6 volunteers (you will be contacted about what to bring.)

Flyer Delivery: Deliver 500 flyers to a "route" of day-cares and child friendly places.

Signs: Place (and retrieve) 6 to 10 yard signs in  designated places around LKN.


Who, me!?! YES, YOU! 

Have Fun. Shop Early. Earn More.

Sail Again LOVES our CREW!  Without you, our sail would not be possible. We know that people love what they help to create, and we want you to love us. So please, volunteer! Help us create YOUR sail.

Just do it. ​It's fun! Hang out with other moms. Get your girlfriends together and volunteer as a group. Earn a volunteer pass to shop early.  And . . . make more money too! 

The Volunteer schedule opens on December 10th! Use the Consignor Login or Register Here links to select your on-site shifts. The schedule will also include dozens of special off-site shifts and dozens more special "short shifts" where 2 hrs of volunteer time gets you credit for one entire 3 hr shift.  Those off-site shifts won't be visible on the schedule or available for sign up until January--we'll let you know when!  Choose a shift now and help us make your sail great!

Volunteer requirements have changed a bit in the last year--we're incentivizing you on the top end (you can make up to 80% of your sales!!!) and de-incentivizing you on the bottom end (you'll make 65% of your sales if you can't find even one short shift to help out on). Get it? We absolutely want and need for you to volunteer and we'll totally make it worth your while when you do. So come on--just do it!


Volunteer 15 hours (5 shifts)

Shop at 3:00pm. Earn 80% of your sales**.

Volunteer 12 hours (4 shifts) 

Shop at 4:00pm. Earn 80% of your sales**.

Volunteer 9 hours (3 shifts)

Shop at 4:30pm. Earn 75% of your sales.

Volunteer 6 hours (2 shifts)

​Shop at 5:30pm.​ Earn 75% of your sales.

Volunteer 3 hours (1 shift)

​Shop at 6:30pm. Earn 70% of your sales.

​Consign Only (no volunteer shifts)

​Shop at 7:00pm. Earn 65% of your sales.

​Some people volunteer to shop early, some people volunteer to make more. Whatever your motivation, we WANT and NEED for you to volunteer-- so if you can't find a shift that works for you, please let us know--we will happily create a custom one just for you.

 ** In order to make 80%, at least one of your 4/5 shifts  MUST be a sort shift.

​Only one "special/off-site" shift per consignor. (ie signs, flyers, food)

Please note:  If you sign up for a shift and participate in early shopping and then do not show up for your scheduled shift and we cannot reschedule you for another available shift, your sales % will be reduced  to 50% (or 25% if you are a valet tagger). YES, we know this sounds harsh but signing up and NOT showing up is far worse than not signing up at all and is not fair to our other committed volunteers.