Some things to know about

September in Mooresville

 & "the Virus" 

We’re running our Mooresville Sail  at 500. S. Main St differently because of Covid 19.  We know that not everyone is comfortable coming out to shop in a big crowd so we're offering some options  for you to get all your essentials in-person and pre-shop all the extras online! We're even offering some virtual shopping appointments where we will shop "with" you via video!  We want to help bridge the gap  and give our Mooresville area sellers and shoppers a  a few places and ways  to exchange their kids stuff this season! 

This is ONE BIG SAIL with TWO places to shop! 


--You will list only the essentials of shoes, books, clothing, outerwear and costumes for sale IN THE STORE. The limit is 350 items. Hang them, tag them and drop them off as usual. The last day to enter items is Monday September 7th at noon.

--Online items or extras must be entered (with a picture) into the Companion Sail by midnight on August 25th. You may list some items in BOTH places (shoes, books, costumes and Boutique brands & Coats that are priced over $7) Besides the usual categories of toys and  infant equipment  we've added TONS of new categories like pet supplies, room decor, men's clothing, furniture, and ladies bags, shoes & atheleisure wear! 

---We have 
Valet Taggers available now who will tag your stuff and deliver it to the venue for you for a fee!  Sound like something you’d be interested in? Click HERE for more details.

---Our shoppers are REALLY 
looking for big outdoor and ride-on toys right now. Crafting items, building sets and puzzles are also in high demand. It's the FALL y'all so costumes and gifts are also in big demand!

---For the online portion of the  the event (all the extras!)  You may list
 your best 400 items (tags). You can sell nearly everything online EXCEPT the kids clothing!  You'll only drop off what you sell (by appointment, at the same time that you drop off for the in-person sail  Sun-Tues Sept 6-8 )

--For the in-person part of the event (all the essentials like clothes books & shoes) You may tag and drop off up to 350 items!

---All of your
items  WILL be inspected and those items not meeting our standards will be rejected and the online buyer refunded.  If more than 1 of your sold items is rejected by buyers at pick up or by our inspectors,   YOU will be "fined" the  combined tagged price of  the items plus a 25% handling fee. INSPECT your own items at home and only list your best!

ALL Drop-offs OF SOLD ITEMS  and TO-BE_SOLD ITEMS will be by appointment


--Appointments are on  Sunday -Tuesday Sept 6-8th. (yes, Labor Day!)

---IMPORTANT! For our drop-off to run efficiently with limited staff, as a seller you MUST: 

Come at you selected time

Carefully inspect your clothing at home. Make sure it is great BEFORE you enter it into the system for sale!   

Carefully "pick" your sold items from you stash at home and make sure they match the list provided to you.

Pull up, unload, go park, come in,  check-in first at the ONLINE desk and have your items scanned into the system, Receive instructions  for placing and dropping  off your items.