Some things to know about

July in Concord  & "the Virus" 

We’re running in Concord at Gibson Mill in July because of Covid 19.  We know that Concord’s “home sale” at the arena had to cancel because they operate in a “mass gathering” venue. We want to help bridge the gap  and give Concord area sellers and shoppers a place to exchange their kids stuff this season! 

This would normally be a Fall/Winter Sail . . .and it still is -  but because it’s in July we’re accepting Spring/Summer items as well!


---We have 
Valet Taggers available now who will tag your stuff and deliver it to the venue for you for a fee!  Sound like something you’d be interested in? Click HERE for more details.

---Our shoppers are REALLY 
looking for big outdoor and ride-on toys right now. Crafting items, building sets and puzzles are also in high demand. 

---Now that the event is online we are able to relax our limits! You may list
 your best 500 items (tags). It’s a fall/winter sale but it is in July so we WILL accept  spring/summer clothing as well! You'll only drop off what you sell (on Tuesday July 28th! )

---All of your
items  WILL be inspected and those items not meeting our standards will be rejected and the online buyer refunded.  If more than 2 of your sold items are rejected by buyers at pick up  YOU will be "fined" the  combined tagged price of  the items plus a 25% handling fee. INSPECT your own items at home and only list your best!

---It's online now so  
We will ACCEPT your  BEDDING (including baby blankets!) at this online sale  We also do not accept breast pumps but you might as well list your diaper genies & baby bath tubs too!

---If you are coming to us from THK, you DO NOT have to put a second masking tape label on your  items. Attach the tag securely the first time in an area that will not damage the item. (on the manufacturers tag or in an arm seam is best!) (Some sellers will wait, (save on paper & ink) and only print the tags for the items that sell! Most will go ahead and tag everything so that they can transfer to Mooresville later! 

ALL Drop-offs OF SOLD ITEMS will be by appointment


--Appointments are on Tuesday July 28th.

---IMPORTANT! For our drop-off to run efficiently with limited staff, as a seller you MUST: 

Come at you selected time

Carefully inspect your clothing at home. Make sure it is great BEFORE you enter it into the system for sale!   

Carefully "pick" your sold items from you stash at home and make sure they match the list provided to you.

Park, come in, confirm that your list is correct and allow us to help you!