Super Important

Things to Note:
(if you don't read anything else, please read this list of 
12 things you need to know!)

***** NEW for 2018! We will NOT SORT SOCKS! All socks must be marked to donate.(If you forget, we won't. They will be donated anyway.) We also strongly encourage you to mark your books for donation as well. (yes, this helps with sort but who it really helps is our charity partners who put books in the hands of kids who need them.)  

1) We ask that EVERY consignor assist in getting their items sold by promoting the SAIL on social media (there are often contests associated with this) Please plan to help!

2) There now exists on Facebook a CLOSED, invitation only Consignor group named, Sail Again Consignor Group (catchy, right?)  If you are a registered consignor, 
please request entry into this group. It is a place to ask questions and have them answered by seasoned consignors. It is also a great place for us to share important info & contests.

3) There is a $2 tagging minimum. The system will not allow you to price an item under $2. 

4) Every consignor who intends to pick up even ONE item, needs to leave a plastic/rubber bin (without the lid) for sort. This is both convenient for you to take your things home in, and a necessity for our sort process. Neither boxes nor bags work well for this process. Those who do not bring a bin will be charged $5.

5) There is a 50 item hanging limit for sizes 0-18mths. This is a combined total for both genders and across all sizes.  (ie 49 girls items and 1 boys item, NOT 50 boys and 50 girls and NOT 50 9mth items and 50 18mth items) Just 50 total. You may group like items/outfits on a hanger(s) with only one tag.

6) We would love it if every consignor would choose to volunteer.Consignors who do not volunteer make 65% of their sales. Those who do, can make 70%, 75%, or even 80%.

7) We will once again accept your maternity items, but you are limited to your best 20 pieces.

8) We will also accept your meticulously cleaned diaper genies and potties.

9) We DO accept car seats and travel systems but only if they were manufactured after February of 2014 (4 years old or less) and you must certify that they have never been in an accident. We will also accept your non-expired booster seats

10) We no longer accept breast pumps or crib bedding. 

11) Drop-off is by appointment and you should expect it to take one hour. Plan to bring in your hanging items, check in at the desk, deliver your items to be inspected and then return to your car and retrieve the rest of your items (toys, equipment, shoes etc) and put them out while your clothing is being inspected, When your number is called please interrupt this process and immediately retrieve your rack of clothing and put it out on the sale floor.

12) Pick-up of your unsold items (and your bin) is scheduled for Tuesday March 12th from 4:30 - 7 pm