LKN Crew Comp for Spring 2020

(what you get  in exchange for your time)

​​​​Wait! What will I actually be doing?

Our crew members do a little bit of everything! There are shifts for truck unloading, cashier, floor set-up, food delivery, putting out signs, handing out flyers, sort, check-in, drop-off, sales  floor merchandising and more.  

Play to your own strengths! Sign up for something you like, then just grab an apron and a name tag  when you arrive for your shift (and make sure to sign in so we know you were there)  

About those off-site shifts: (you're only allowed one!)

Meal Delivery:

Sign up to provide a meal for 6/8 crew members or snacks & drinks for 20 (you will be contacted about what to bring.)

Flyer Delivery: Deliver 500 flyers to a "route" of day-cares and child friendly places.

Signs: Place (and retrieve) 6 to 10 yard signs in  designated places around LKN.

Some people help out to shop early, some people help out to keep more. (Maybe you just want some Sail Swag- one of our cool T-shirts or bags!?!) Whatever your motivation, we WANT and NEED for you to assist in making your sail great-- so if you can't find a shift that works for you, please let us know--we are happy to create a custom one just for you! Our times are a guideline to help YOU with scheduling!

** Special info, please note: In order to make 80% of your sales, at least one of your 5 shifts  MUST be a sort shift.

Your shopping "buddy" may NOT be one of our consignors who did not crew with us --that wouldn't be fair! Consignors have to buy up their own rate.  ​Only one "special/off-site" shift per consignor. (ie signs, flyers, food)

Please do not  SIGN-UP and then not SHOW-UP!  It's not nice. . . . and we'll be forced to  call you a "landlubber" and think of you unkindly!

Wednesday March 4th 

Crew Shopping in Mooresville

Crew for 15 hours (5 shifts)

Shop at 2:00 pm

**Keep 80% of your sales if at least one of your 5 shifts is a sort shift. (Get the bag & T-shirt too of course!) *You can still shop at 2 pm but keep only 75% of your sales if your 15 hours does not include sort.

Crew for 12 hours (4 shifts) 
Shop at 3:00 pm.

Keep 75%% of your sales + a bag AND the shirt

AND a Buddy Pass for a friend to join you!

Crew for 9 hours (3 shifts) 
Shop at 3:30 pm.

Keep 70% of your sales + a bag OR a T-shirt

AND a Buddy Pass for a friend to join you!

Crew for 6 hours (2 shifts)
Shop at 4:00 pm.​

Keep 70% of your sales + a bag OR a T-shirt

Crew for 3 hours (1 shift)
Shop at 5:00 pm.

Keep 65% of your sales + a  T-shirt

​Consign Only (no crew shifts)
​Shop at 5:30 pm.

Keep 65% of your sales.​​​ 

​​Join the Crew

Who?Me!?! YES, you! 

Have Fun. Shop Early. Keep More.

Sail Again LOVES our CREW!  Without you, our sail would not be possible. We know that people love what they help to create, and we want you to love us. So please, plan to help! Help us create YOUR sail. Want to know a tiny bit more about us first? Click here for sneak peek into what we are really about.

Just do it. ​It's fun! Hang out with other moms. Get your girlfriends together and help out as a group. Earn a  pass to shop early.  And . . . keep more or your money too! 

Crew schedules open in early January 2020!!!!. Use the Consignor Login or Register Here links (or the BIG BUTTON below) to login to your account and select a shift that fits your schedule, matches your skill set and meets your expectations in terms of % payout and shopping times and the cool  Sail Swag that you want to score. The schedules will also include a dozen or so special off-site shifts and dozens more special "double" sort & unloading shifts where 5 hrs of crew time gets you credit for two entire 3 hr shifts (that's 6 hours of credit for 5 hours of work!).  Those off-site shifts won't be visible on the schedule or available for sign up until closer to sail time--we'll let you know when!  

Sail Again is a 65/35 sale.  You pay us a registration fee and a 35% commission for us to get your stuff sold. (or, said another way, you keep 65% of your sales.) If you would like to keep more of your sales (i.e. pay us less) you can buy that rate with your time! You'll do more. You'll take home more, and we'll work for a lower % because you are helping. Makes sense, right?  You can buy an 80% rate for up to 350 items if you help for at least 5 shifts and you'll get to shop sooooooo very early! In future seasons we may allow  more items if your sell-through is higher AND we may allow you to purchase either the rate OR the shopping time for a  $ fee if contributing "sweat equity" doesn't fit into your schedule.  We are always trying to make the sail better and change with the times to better fit your needs.

Assisting for one shift still buys you a 65% rate but you'll get an earlier shopping time (before those consignors who don't crew) and a cool T-shirt too!  

Crew for two shifts (6 hours of crew time) and shop earlier still and  and you're buying up your rate an extra 5% (70%!) of your sales.

Crew a 3rd shift  and you'll still keep 70% but you're buying the right to  get in even earlier and  to BRING A **BUDDY with you to your shopping time! 

Your 4th shift will buy you an even earlier shopping time and another 5%. What? Yes! This is the sweet spot y'all.You can snag ALL.THE.THINGS.  (Woop! Woop! 75% now!),  and you're getting both a cool Shop Like a Sailor shopping bag and one of our NEW  T-shirts and oh yeah, you can still bring that **BUDDY!! 

Want to take home 80% of your sales?  Then you've got to crew 5 shifts and one of them must be part of "the sort" You'll get 1) the earliest shopping time.  2) the bag AND the T-shirt, and 3) you'll keep 80% of your sales and pay us only 20% 

BUT . . there is no buddy pass at this shopping time . . .Girl, you put in the sweat equity and bought the right to be able to shop first!!! Your buddy can join you at the 4 shift time)

And one more thing  for 3,4,& 5 shift helpers that **BUDDY cannot be one of our consignors! It can be a hubby, a family member, or someone new you are introducing to the sail! Every consignor, regardless of the number of shifts that they work, still gets to invite a guest to consignor shopping.

Get it? We absolutely want and need for you to crew with us and we're willing to work for less if you're willing to help a little big more.   So come on--just do it!