​​​​​​​You'll find all the deets on that here! You just need to decide HOW early you want to shop, and what you are  willing to do to get in the door FIRST!!! There are AT LEAST 8 opportunities to shop BEFORE THE PUBLIC at every SAIL! What? Yes, it's true! (The times listed are for our flagship, Mooreseville Sail. (Concord times are in green).

1) JOIN OUR CREW! Our 5-shift (15 hour) crew members shop BEFORE EVERYONE.  There are always a few shifts available. You can REGISTER HERE after July 1st and sign up for one (or 5!).  Crew members  shop on Wednesday afternoon September 12th. Shopping times vary based on your number of shifts. (Wed Sept 5 in Concord)

2) SIGN ON AS A SAILOR! Consign with us!  Our consignors shop on Wednesday evening September 12th, and they get all that clutter out of their house besides! Registration is just $12. Use the Register Here button to get started. (Wed Sept 5 in Concord)

3) ADD A BABY TO YOUR FAMILY!  New & Expecting  Parents and Grand Parents can REGISTER HERE and shop at 3 pm on Thursday September 13th. Why, you ask, do we have a special time just for them? Well . . .our consignors bring us tons of teeny tiny outfits, strollers, pack-n-plays and other baby equipment. New Mommas (and especially Grand-Mommas) love to buy the stuff that the rest of you don't need anymore.(New & Expecting parents & grandparents shop at 6pm on Wed Sept 5th in Concord--YOU CAN REGISTER AT EITHER PLACE AND SHOP EARLY AT BOTH!) Join the Concord list HERE.

4) BE SOMEBODY'S HERO! At 4 'oclock  on Thursday we say "Thank You" to our Hometown Heroes! Do you have a Super Power?  Is there a Teacher, Fireman, Police Officer, Soldier, Medic, Nurse or other First Responder in your family? Yes? Then you can REGISTER HERE for our Heroes Presale! You must be registered and show your ID (or a pic of your spouse's ID)  to enter! (In Concord that time is 6pm on Wed Sept 5th)

5) BE A GOOD COOKIE!  Donate $5 to Cookies for Kids Cancer by paying at the door and shop with us at 6 pm on Thursday in Mooresville! There are lots of cancer survivors on our team and this is how we give back! Every season we donate thousands of dollars to CFKC because YOU want to shop early. Just come on out and get in line with your $5 bill! (Still 6 pm, but in Concord . .it's on Wednesday Sept 5th! If you don't qualify for one of the other shopping times, you can still shop early by paying $5 at the door!)

6) BEFRIEND A CONSIGNOR!  This one is a secret . . . .are you friends with one of our consignors? Ask them about our Friends of Consignors Presale. We offer this presale as a chance for THEM to share their favorite sale with YOU, the public. The times aren't publicized. We don't have it every season, and when we do, it's invitation only. Who do you know that can get you on the list? Surely you know SOMEONE who connected you to this page . . (it's ON y'all in Mooresville and in Concord, either become a consignor yourself or get one to invite you!)

7) JOIN A FB MOMS/BST GROUP!  First thing Friday morning, September 14th we're hosting a Mom's Meet Up! Join other Moms for coffee, donuts, and SHOPPING! New to the area? It's a great place to put the face with the name of all those Moms you chat with online! Join us as 9:00 am. Invite your whole group to join you! Sign up HERE to say you're coming!

8) SHOP ON THURSDAY, FRIDAY OR SATURDAY! ( & come back!) Yes, that's right, we reward our early shoppers by inviting them back to shop again! Get first dibs on the half off deals! If you spend at least $100 with us on any of our public or presale days, we'll invite you to our Golden Ticket  Half-Off Presale in Mooresville on Saturday evening at 5 pm!  (Didn't spend $100 the first time? You can still shop the 1/2 off presale early, you'll just need to make a $2 donation to Cookies for Kids Cancer and shop Sunday morning at 9 instead of 11!)

And . . .get ready for some SERIOUS EARLY SHOPPING opportunities going forward.  In the spring we introduced THE GOLDEN TICKET!It's a permanent ticket for early early early shopping! How do you qualify? That's a secret . . .Come to the SAIL and find out!

Want to Shop Early?!?!

 How about First?