‚Äč Register Here

-Same seller number

-Same tags

-Drop off in Concord

-Pick up in Mooresville (we'll move it in-between!)

-10 days of selling!

-You can shop early at BOTH events!

Like we said . . . pretty cool right?

Obviously, you could just register for both sales and drop off and pick up twice, right?

But . . . because  the two sales are so close together we are providing  an awesome shortcut for you!  You can drop off in Concord and pick up in Mooresville!  What?!?!! Yes! Two sales for the price (and work) of only ONE!!!  You can share your crew hours between the two sales, and . . . you can shop early as a consignor/crew member at both sales as well! 

You get more selling days and we get more consignors' stuff at the new Concord location. Our shoppers get TWO great locations and twice the opportunity to shop and save.  Win-Win-Win-Win-Win! WooHoo!

Special Supplies you will need: 

LIGHT BLUE CARD STOCK. You can buy your own or purchase from us (email us here and we'll mail you 20 sheets for $2.50) Our tags print 8 to a page of card stock. Please note: You MUST print your tags on light blue card stock if  you want us to transfer your items between the two sales.  This is how we will know at sort that we need to MOVE these items. Items printed on white card stock will be sorted for pick up by the consignor in Concord and will not be moved by us. 

What you will need to do: 

1)Register for both sales. (Concord is free if you are registered in Mooresville!) Just go in and register and select the "I will pay the next time I log in" option. We will complete you on this end and you will be ready to tag.  

2) ***** Important! Enter your items into the Concord event via MYCM.  Tag ALL your items on LIGHT BLUE COLORED CARD STOCK   into the Concord sail because it is first. (if you have already begun entering your tags in Mooresville, that's fine, we can walk you through the transfer process but if you have already printed your tags on white card stock then please contact us ASAP for a possible solution . . .) 

3) Schedule your drop off appointment in Concord. Leave a bin, and mark your Mooresville pick-up appointment on your calendar!  We will transport your unsold items between the sales and put them out for you in Mooresville. (if you are donating everything you don't need to worry about pick up at all!) 

4) ****** Important!!  Be prepared to  transfer your items online within the  MyCM system from Concord to Mooresville on Monday September 10th (We will send you easy instructions for this and a reminder to do so. It should take you less than 10 minutes)

That's It!  Register for both sales, print your tags  on light blue card stock, schedule drop off in Concord, and transfer your stuff to the Mooresville Sail  via the computer on Monday Sept 10th.  

Sell and Shop at Both Sails!

(Pretty cool  . . . right?)