‚Äč Register Here

-Same seller number

-Same tags

-Drop-off & Pick up in Mooresville

-Drop off again in Landis

-10 days of selling!

-You can shop early at BOTH events!

Like we said . . . pretty cool right?

Register for both sales and drop off and pick up twice this time! 

The two sales aren't close enough together for us to transport for you this time (where would we keep all that stuff?!?!?)  So you'll need to  drop-off and pick-up in both  Landis and Mooresville!  But, you can still get two sales for the price (and work) of only ONE!!!  You can share your crew hours between the two sales as long as you work at least one physical shift in each locaion and . . . you can shop early as a consignor/crew member at both sales as well! 

You get more selling days and we get more consignors' stuff at the new Landis location. And, if you sell at both you get Landis for FREE because we will refund your registration fee as a $10 gift card to use at either Sail!  Our shoppers get TWO great locations and twice the opportunity to shop and save.  Win-Win-Win-Win-Win! WooHoo!

What you will need to do: 

1)Register for both sales. (Landis is free if you are registered in Mooresville!) You can pick up your $10 gift card at Mooresville drop off.

2) ***** Important! Enter your items into the Mooresville event via MYCM.  Tag ALL your items on regular old white cardstock  into the Mooresville sail because it is first. DON'T mark your items to DONATE here. (If you want them to be donated after Landis, then after pick up in Mooresville you can write  the "D" for donate onto each tag before you bring it back)

3) Schedule your drop off appointment in Mooresville. Leave a bin, and mark your Mooresville pick-up appointment on your calendar!  Then . . . schedule your drop off appointment in Landis too -- it should go super fast because we've already checked your stuff! ( if you wrote on your "D's and you're donating everything you don't need to worry about pick up there)

4) Transfer all you unsold items in the system from Mooresville to Landis. This is the same process as transferring from season to season. Plus, we will send you a reminder 


Sell and Shop at Both Sails!

(Pretty cool  . . . right?)