--​Consignors may  invite ONE friend to shop with them at the Consignor shopping time Wednesday September 5th at 5 pm. Crew shopping times are detailed on the Crew Page. Crew members may NOT bring a guest at their allotted shopping time.

--Consignors may invite up to 20 (yes, TWENTY!) friends to shop early at our Friends of Consignors Presale on Wednesday night September 5th at 7pm. (You will receive your shareable invitation at Drop-Off!)


Registration Opens

Monday May 28th (Early Bird Just $5!)

Set Up Day 

Tuesday September 4th 11am--8pm

System Closes to Tagging

Tuesday September 4th 12:00pm (Noon!)

Drop-Off (by appointment) 

Tuesday Sept 4th 3pm -8pm

Wednesday Sept 5th 9am - 1pm

Crew Member and Consignor Presales

Wednesday Sept 5th

​VIP Shop (12hr+ crew members): 3:00pm-9pm

Crew Shop (9hr+ crew members) 3:30pm-9pm

Crew Shop (6hr+ crew members): 4:00-9pm
Crew Shop: (3hr+ crew members) 4:30pm-9pm
Consignor Shop: 5:00pm-9pm 

Registered Public Presales

Wednesday Sept 5th 
Registered New Moms & Grandparents Presale: 6pm-9pm
Heroes Presale (teachers, police, fire, rescue & military
): 6pm-9pm
Charity Presale: 6pm-9pm 
($5 entry benefits Cookies for Kids' Cancer)

Friends of Consignors Presale: 7pm-9pm (you must be invited by a Consignor to attend)

Public Shopping

Thursday Sept 6th - Saturday Sept 8th 

Thursday Sept 6th 10am - 8pm

Friday Sept 7th 9:30am - 8pm

Saturday Sept 8th 8am - 9am (1 hour only!!! 1/2 off early bird sale with $5 charity donation) 

Saturday Sept 8th  9am - 1pm (1/2 off sale)

1/2 Off Sales

Friday & Saturday Sept 7th & 8th
Volunteers: Friday Sept 7th  6pm-8pm​
Consignors: Friday Sept 8th 7pm-8pm
Half-off Early Bird Sale: Saturday Sept 8th 8am-9am
(1 hour only! 1/2 off early bird sale $5) 

Public: Saturday Sept 8th 9am-1pm


Saturday Sept 8th 8am-4pm


​Saturday Sept 8th 3:30pm-4:30pm ​

Break Down

Saturday Sept 8th 10am-7pm


--Sign up for your Drop-Off Appointment or Crew Shift HERE. (Register, Enter Items  & Print Tags too!) If you are planning to sell at BOTH locations please  READ THIS FIRST!

Key Dates

All the Details . . .

​​​Tagging Deadline: 

Tuesday Sept 4th @ 11:59am. (The system closes at NOON!) 

Drop-Off (by appointment)

Tuesday Sept 4th 

Wednesday Sept 5th


Consignor Shopping:

Wednesday Sept 5th


Friday Sept 8th

7pm-9pm (I/2 off shopping)

Friends of Consignors Presale

Wednesday Sept 5th

7pm-9pm  (Invite your friends!)

Pick up Unsold Items:

Saturday Sept 8th



Key Info

--Concord Consignors are also entitled to shop early in Mooresville! Click Here to see the Mooresville/LKN Calendar. 

Key Dates for Concord Consignors

 Fall/Winter 2018